May 20, 2020

Mobile live streaming – part 2

By jfbethlehem
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As you will be streaming from a mobile phone, the quality of the sound usually is less and the video can be a bit shaky if you are holding the phone. There are some things you can do to improve on this.

The first and easiest think you can do to stop shaking is to put it somewhere stable and point it at your target. It can be as basic as using sticky tape to stick the case to a wall, if the wall is facing the correct direction. You’d be amazed how well this works. As long as the tape holds, there’s no moving the camera as long as there’s no earthquake.

But sticky tape does not get you everywhere (unlike what Duct-tape manufacturers try to tell you). The better way is to get a tripod with a phone mount. The tripod itself does not have to be the best and most expensive. As long as the tripod is stable, can hold the phone and be set at the right height and angle, you should be fine. If you want to be able to move the camera while attached to the tripod, you will want to get a good, strong and smooth tripod.

There are, however, some nice variations on the regular tripod that you can use. There are tripods with bendable grippy legs which allow the tripod itself grip something while holding a camera of phone. The Gorillapod, for example, can be strong enough to hold a full DSLR camera while gripping something.

Other tripods have options to mount ring-lights. These  ring-lights shine light in the direction of your target in a diffuse way so that there will be no harsh shadows. Your phone or camera will be mounted in the ring so that it will not cast a shadow itself onto your subject. 

To improve the audio quality of your recording, you can use a lavalier microphone. A lapel or lavalier microphone is a small microphone that you stick onto clothing or on your chest that will be connected either to your phone using a long cable or to a wireless sender that can send it to your phone, laptop or mixer.