June 12, 2020

Simple scene example

By jfbethlehem
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This simple scene setup is what I have used in the past. Currently, due to circumstances it’s grown quite a bit more complex but this is a good setup to start with. The scene setup is broken down into four scenes: 

  1. A countdown scene.
  2. A welcome scene.
  3. The main view.
  4. A closing scene.

Countdown scene

Our countdown scene is a very simple countdown that runs for five minutes. This is to enable people to find our live stream and have a few minutes to spare instead of finding our live stream when our assistant Pastor, band or Pastor is already doing their thing.

It is set up as follows:

  • A new scene titles “Countdown”
  • A ‘Media Source’ with a video in it that does not loop. This video is one that was found on Youtube and was indicated it could be used freely.
  • A ‘Image Source’ as our logo in the top-left.

 Welcome scene

Our welcome screen is a screen that gets flashed very shortly, a few seconds only, that welcomes our viewers to our service and tells them that we are happy they have come. 

It is set up as follows:

  • A full screen ‘Image Source’ that says ‘Welcome, we are glad you are here’. This can also be a short video clip stating something similar.

 Main scene

Our main screen is where our most interesting things happen. This is where we will and hear the worship leader sing praises to our Lord while the band plays music, our Pastor is telling us what Word of God had come to him and we display lyrics and slides.

It is set up as follows:

  • A full screen ‘Video Device Source’ showing the main camera.
  • A ‘Browser Source’ showing the projected lyrics that come from OpenLP in the top-right. You can swap this for a ‘Display Source’ or ‘NDI Source’ if your projection software supports that.
  • A ‘Image source’ as a logo at the top-left. 

Closing scene

Finally we have the closing scene. This scene is to tell our viewers that we will be back next Sunday, give an encouraging message for the week and inform about our website and Facebook page where we can be found next time.

It is set up as follows:

  • The background is a ‘Media Source’ of a spinning globe with a green background. Using the ‘Chroma Key’ filter, the background is made transparent ( and thus black).
  • An ‘Image Source’ as logo with transparent parts so the globe can be seen through it.
  • A ‘Text source’ containing the text.