June 8, 2020

Software first steps: Configuring OBS – Adding sources – part 2

By jfbethlehem
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Adding videos

Many like to add videos to the live stream. These videos can be timers to show when you will start the actual live stream or they can be introductionary videos to encourage people to come to our Lord. Or you might have received some encouraging testimonies from people who cannot be at the service for whatever reason.

To add a video, again, click the plus in the ‘Sources’ panel and add a ‘Media Source’. Again, give this a good name and press ‘Ok’. Click ‘Browse’ to select the video file you want to use. If you want the video to keep on looping, check the ‘Loop’ option. The rest, keep it the same and press ‘Ok’. Again, like before, move it so that it will fit. 

Adding slides

Adding slides can be done in several ways, depending on your projection or presentation software. The most common way to do this is by having your presentation software show the slides on a separate screen and capturing that screen with OBS. This can be done as follows:

In OBS sources panel, add the source ‘Display Capture’. Give it a name that will help you know what it is and press ‘Ok’. Choose the display where the slides will be projected, usually this is display number 1 or 2. Unselect ‘Show Cursor’ to prevent your mouse being visible on the live stream if it accidentally goes to the wrong display.

The second option, if your presentation software has a web interface, is to add a browser source that points to the location of where the presentation software is listening. You will have to play around with the Width and Height parameters to get the width and height correct so that the full slides and lyrics are visible.

The third option, if your software supports NDI, is to configure your presentation software to enable NDI and to add an NDI source to OBS as if it’s a video device. Since this is a rather tricky topic, I will put up a post specifically written on this topic as it will be a rather long post.