June 5, 2020

Software first steps: Configuring OBS – Adding sources

By jfbethlehem
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When you have your scenes set up, it’s time to start looking at sources. Sources are devices, images, videos, audio or other things that you would like to add to a scene.

Adding an image

In most scenes, you would probably like to have a logo of your church so that people will know that your church is the one who broadcast this live stream.  

Next to the ‘Scenes’ panel, is a ‘Sources’ panel. Here are the same buttons as in the ‘Scenes’ panel with an additional settings-button in the middle. Press the plus to add a source. A menu will pop up with multiple options to choose from. To add a logo, you will have to choose ‘Image’ from the menu. Give this new source a name that will be logical to you, like ‘Logo’ or ‘My church top-right logo’.

You will be presented with a new window. Here you can choose the image you will be using as your logo. Make sure that where you store this logo does not change as OBS will not be able to find it if it is moved somewhere else.

Once you’ve selected your logo, press “Ok” to add it to the scene.

By default the image is placed at the top-left of the window. Depending on the size of the image on disk, it can even be too big to fit in the video. Using the red blocks on the red box around the image, move and resize it to where you like it to be. 

Once that is done, you can press the padlock icon in the ‘Sources’ panel to lock the image in place so it cannot be accidentally moved.

Adding a camera

The next thing you’ll want to add is video from the camera you’ve chosen to use. If this is a video camera or a webcam does not make a difference to OBS. OBS sees both as the same: a video device. You might see difference in video quality, but for OBS that does not matter.

Add the camera by pressing the plus in the ‘Sources’ panel. Add a ‘Video Capture Device’. Give the video capture device a good name, like ‘Webcam overview’, ‘DSLR Pastor’, ‘Camera main singer’ or ‘Camera band’.

In the next window, select the device that OBS found. This can be either the webcam or the HDMI capture device that you purchased. Select the resolution that you want to use. Most likely, you will want to choose the highest resolution possible. Once you press ‘Ok’, you will see the camera appear in the screen.

If you want the camera to be full screen, you can right-click on the source in the ‘Sources’ panel and select ‘Transform’ – ‘Fit to screen’. If you do not, use the red lines and boxes to place the video feed as you like. Do not forget to lock the video in place using the padlock icon.

If you have multiple cameras, you can add the rest using the same steps.