June 1, 2020

Software first steps: Installing OBS

By jfbethlehem
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Before setting up OBS, you will first have to download it from https://www.obsproject.com. You can download it for Windows, Mac and Linux. After downloading, install it in the regular way of your operating system.

Next, just start up OBS. If this is the first time you are running OBS, you will be greeted with an “Auto-Configuration Wizard” screen. This will guide you through your first steps in getting OBS ready to run.

As we are setting OBS up for live streaming, choose “Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary” and click “Next”. For the base canvas resolution, choose “1920×1080”. If you want to use Facebook, a canvas size of 1280×720 is preferable as that is the maximum they support. For the FPS (Frames per second), choose 30 as that will most likely be enough for church live streaming and that is what most platforms support.

On the next screen, choose your streaming platform, Twitch, Facebook or Youtube. Enter the stream key you copied into the text editor earlier. Keep the checkbox “Estimate bitrate with bandwidth” enabled and click “Next”. OBS will test your internet connection to the streaming server to see how much bandwidth it can use. Usually this is the upstream bandwidth of your provider divided by two. After the test is done, you will get an overview of the settings that OBS thinks is best for your connection. Click “Apply Settings” to save the settings and exit the wizard. If you think the settings should be different, they can still be changed at a later time.